Vaping Uproar.

If you are familiar with marijuana products, you are aware that you have a variety of options when it comes to consumption. Whether you like the “O.G” high of smoking the actual flower or you like to take a trip down the rabbit hole by ingesting edibles, your preference can be as discreet or obvious as you desire. Speaking of discretion, a popular and more recently controversial variety of partaking in CBD or THC inhalation has set some users into a panicky state. Cannabis vaporization has grown in popularity due to its easily concealable method and is technically a healthier option than traditional smoking practices.

The reason vaping is said to be less harmful is because vapor does not release tar and carcinogens created during combustion. In addition, portable vaporizers offer a more discreet alternative to traditional consumption because the marijuana vapor creates a less potent aroma, they are easy to use and can fit in your pocket; no lighter needed.

So why all the uproar and recent vaping bans?

In July of 2019, a patient in Oregon who used a vape, experienced severe respiratory illness and died. Then, in August, another patient was diagnosed in Illinois and also died under similar circumstances. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention have now identified over 450 potential cases of severe respiratory issues associated with vaping (both THC and nicotine) and have issued a warning that everyone stop using vaping products immediately.

The fact is, vaping has been around for years with no such adverse effects having been reported. If there was something extremely dangerous about vaping, we would have witnessed deaths similar to those more recent. Pointing the finger at vaping in general isn’t quite a fair or accurate response to the problem. Many of the reported cases appear to have happened in the same geographical regions, which suggests whatever is causing the illnesses could be a contaminant that is affecting specific local supplies. Furthermore, a large number of the individuals who got sick had bought their products on the black market. This is the particular reason why you should always buy your products through a reputable store and only buy products that have undergone rigorous testing.

As of October 2019, Doctors at the Mayo Clinic released an examination of samples of lung tissue from patients effected and the findings resemble toxic chemical exposure, toxic chemical fume exposure and/or a chemical burn injury. One of the products identified, Dank Vapes, is not an actual brand but a merely a label and packaging that anyone could buy and place on a product.

CannaSafe, the first accredited Cannabis lab in the world, provides testing to both businesses and consumers to verify the product is safe for public consumption. The testing solutions include a wide variety of analysis that discover everything from possible harmful solvents that might be left over from production as well as quantitative potency values of the major cannabinoids in your weed and a variety of other tests. The legal cannabis industry must adhere to strict guidelines and rigorous quality control. You can rest-assured knowing that your vaping products are effective and safe when they tested through companies like CannaSafe.

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