As the legalization of the cannabis industry spikes to over half the U.S., the demand for hiring continues to grow. The biggest threat to the industry is the lack of attention to compliance and employment regulations.

With these hiring demands, it has caused new developments in cannabis staffing companies. However, the main issue is the lack of staffing experience many of these companies possess. With a tight labor market, this new industry brings even more challenges to finding talent with the right experience. Not only do these cannabis companies need a partner that understands the complexity of the industry, but they need someone who understands employment law and can keep them compliant with the new regulations changes.

With the industry booming, reports claim 211,000 job openings having developed over the course of a few years, all according to Leafy. However, as marijuana remains illegal under federal law, it has caused some uncertainty throughout the industry.

It is important for the cannabis client to partner with a staffing company that in simple words “know what they are doing”. A lot of companies have shown interest in the cannabis space because it may seem “cool” or they see the $$ and want to be a part of it. However, this industry is fresh and new. It is important to know the industry and avoid costly mistakes that can get you in trouble in the future.

High Bluff Group has nearly a decade of staffing experience and consistently pushes to understand this evolving industry. We utilize a talent pool that extends over a few decades and have developed it over the years to foster to the cannabis space. This has been largely due to our origin. We have taken an innovative approach and can locate well educated talent from traditional staffing to cannabis staffing.

Our recruiting services team looks for candidates that match the position and company. We use methods such as social media, industry networking events, referrals and traditional recruiting methods to track down the best talent. We get to know each candidate to get a true sense of their career goals, experience, and expectations, as well as soft and hard skills.

If you are having hiring difficulties and need help, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business to its full potential.

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