For those that aren’t familiar with the staffing industry or recruiting terms, there are three types of positions: direct hire, temp to hire and contract/temporary role. These are also referred to as their “status.” “Direct Hire” refers to positions that are typically exempt, long-term opportunities, directly with the company offering the role. “Temp to hire” positions usually have an introductory period, about 3-6 months long, where a company can assess your skillset and potentially offer you a full time, internal role if business demands are met. A “contracted or temporary role” refers to positions that are temporary, usually to replace employees that are out of the office for short or extended periods of time. Temporary or contracted roles can range from 2 weeks to 1.5 years.

Now that we have the knowledge of some important staffing and recruiting terminology, is one type of position better than another? Well, that depends on what you are looking for. Typically, candidates are the most interested in direct hire opportunities, as long-term growth potential plays a huge factor. In the Cannabis industry, we’ve found that there are an even split between temp/temp to hire and direct hire opportunities. Many of the temporary opportunities are found in production roles, such as: growers, labelers, trimmers and budtenders. These tend to be high turnover positions as well. Full time, direct hire roles are usually seen in corporate HR, technical, sales, marketing and lab positions.

When talking specifically about direct hire opportunities, it is important to note that many of the positions in Cannabis have lower starting salaries than in other, professional industries. However, those that enter the Cannabis industry now (while it’s new) have a good opportunity to potentially becoming a decision maker within the next few years as upward mobility is high. Many applicants that are eager to enter the industry today are aware of the lower salary averages, yet don’t seem to mind as they can see the bigger picture of where they want to be in 2-10 years. This mentality is greatly appreciated by any Recruiter or Hiring Manager, as it’s very important to assess all aspects of a job and not just salary.

Over the past several months, High Bluff Group has worked with many Cannabis Labs in the Los Angeles and Northern California area to help find experienced Chemists. About 95% of the Lab positions we work on are direct hire. We’ve also had the privilege of working with some local and non-local dispensaries to find full-time Sales Associates and Managers to help build and target additional business. Since our company started its operation earlier in 2019, it’s clear that the Cannabis industry is growing exponentially, and we’ve continued to fuel the fire by finding qualified candidates that are eager to continue or start their career in the professional world of Cannabis. Whether it’s a temporary or direct hire opportunity, it could be your chance to prove your skillset and land a full-time job in this growing, wonderful industry.



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