Cannabis Payroll

We get it; banking in the cannabis industry is difficult. There’s a continuous flux of state and federal regulations to keep up with and certain compliance is near impossible to accommodate while managing your expanding company and the growing pains that come with it. One day you have a great bank and you’re doing your happy dance and the next it’s getting closed for unforeseen compliance implications. Outsourcing your payroll services is a high-touch and effective way to take the pain out of payroll and lets you focus on running your business.

It’s hard to find the right banking partners and your employees shouldn’t have to feel the repercussions with delay or change of payroll due to factors outside their control. Likewise, having to switch your entire payroll strategy multiple times in a year is difficult and obnoxious. When you’re trying to stay compliant and run into operational issues, keeping proper records of payroll and taxes is bound to get messy.

Utilizing payroll services from a staffing company specializing in the cannabis space is an excellent alternative to remain compliant and keep payroll consistent. Outsourced payroll services are an innovative way to capture all the compliance and employer of record (EOR) requirements into an easy to manage platform while mitigating risk and disruption.

High Bluff Group offers full-service payroll functions to get your employees paid on time, on your schedule, accurately and while ensuring proper compliance, reporting, approvals and invoicing are wrapped up into a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, when outsourcing payroll, the staffing company takes on the risks associated with being the EOR and gives you more comfort to sleep at night.

Whether you’re looking for long term payroll solutions or a temporary fix while you establish proper banking, working with High Bluff Group can ease payroll pain. Because HBG are professionals in the cannabis space, they maintain valuable relationships with banking partners and can help refer you and your business to those trusted banking partners. The cannabis space is extremely dynamic and collaborative, so make an effort to grow your network and your business is bound to do the same.

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